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What Does Fabric Direction Mean?


railroaded fabric


The three mages above show examples of railroaded, non-railroaded and non-directional fabrics. The patterns of railroaded fabrics run across the roll, while non-railroaded fabrics run up roll. Non-railroaded is the normal way of manufacturing fabrics.


Issues arise when you are looking to upholster a length that is longer than the width of a particular fabric (generally 54 inches). If the pattern is not railroaded, you will need at least one seam. This is almost always okay, but in the case it isn’t, a railroaded or non-directional pattern will work better.


Many fabrics and almost all faux leathers can be applied railroaded or non-railroaded- this is known as non-directional. There are exceptions like chenilles and velvets. Chenilles and velvets should not be applied against their stated direction due to the appearance and nap.

Couch, non-railroaded; railroaded


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